July 31, 2017

To: David Louis Cunha Foundation
From: The Edward J. Madden Open Hearts Camp
Re: $2,500 Donation
Federal Tax ID #: 111-962-110

Dear Cheryl, Peter, Donna, and Peter

When you first got in touch with the camp I was immediately struck by the poignant nature of your foundation and what you were giving back to the broader community in David’s memory. After spending some very meaningful time with you and hearing the stores about David’s innate gifts and unique nature I am even more honored that you chose to bestow this generous gift on our program.

I just can’t communicate enough how much we appreciate the gift, the value of the message behind it, and the legacy that David has left. I enjoyed spending time with you all immensely and I have nothing but admiration for your extension of love through your foundation and your personal connection.

We will put this donation to excellent use as a scholarship fund for families…particularly families from Rhode Island, as I know that’s a goal of your mission. The kids that get to experience a little bit of what you witnessed during your visit here will be massive beneficiaries of your support and the experience we can offer them in the Berkshires.

Here’s to new friendships, generosity, kindness, and tremendous legacies.

Our Deepest Thanks and Much Love,

David Zaleon
Executive Director, The Edward J. Madden Open Hearts Camp