Open Hearts Camp

Hello Everyone, 
Some great news from the David Louis Cunha Foundation ! 
This past Saturday we visited the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, in the Berkshires. This camp hosts children who have undergone open heart surgeries...many of who have received heart replacements.

During the entire Summer, there are children who come from RI, MA, CT, ME, and a few from outside of New England. We went on the high recommendation of David's Cardiologist, Dr. Patricia Rompf.

Now as you may know, David's Foundation is EXTREMELY careful on who the foundation donates to...we truly do our due diligence. We choose to help smaller organizations and families who are in TRUE need of assistance. With what we learned on our own about this camp along with Dr. Rompf's recommendation...we set off thinking that David's Foundation would sponsor eight children for a two week stay at the camp.

Well, we were so impressed with the wonderful and caring staff, the happiness of the children, and the beautiful location for these children to experience...we decided to sponsor ten children...and will do so again next year...if not more.

We found these children to be truly content and excited to be there...and there was no hiding their camaraderie with each other. Though these children have many other friends at home, at this camp they share a common bond among each other...a bond that most others cannot begin to understand the dept of. No feelings of awkwardness, no feelings of uneasiness or embarrassment...just feelings of acceptance and and friendship.

After a tour of the camp, lunch with the kids, discussion with the director & staff AND the children, when we left to go back home, we were so happy that David's Foundation connected with these folks.

We believe that there are exciting possibles for the the David Louis Cunha Foundation and the Open Hearts Camp in the future. As always, thank you so very much for your continued wonderful support. YOU make everything possible.

David's Foundation is able to sponsor these ten children to experience this great camp because of YOU. Look for more great news from the David Louis Cunha Foundation coming soon...and THANK YOU again !