Hello Friends of the David Louis Cunha Foundation !

On Thursday, August 10, 2017, David's Foundation had the pleasure of donating $ 5,000.00 to A Wish Come True to sponsor a young boy's wish. Domenic, his Mom & Dad and sister will be vacationing on Block Island for one week in August. They will be staying in a beautiful farm house with lots of land, a view of the ocean, and many farm animals to make friends with . Domenic is a nature buff so he will be in his glory. As David was, Domenic is a cardiac child, and both he AND his sister have had to battle serious health conditions all of their lives...and continue to do so. We found Domenic and his Mom & Dad to be most gracious and genuinely nice. Their lives are challenging and worrisome to say the least...but their family love keep them strong. David' Foundation is very pleased to be able to reach out to this family. And we are able to do so because of YOUR support and caring. Thank you all so very much...YOU who support David's Foundation make it all possible.