Kevin Flaherty Takes The David Louis Cunha Foundation Along With Him On His Expedition To The Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa !

Dear Friends, As previously posted, on July 12th, Kevin Flaherty and two of his friends began an expedition to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. On July 18th, they reach Uhuru Peak, 19,341 feet above sea level. Kevin dedicated this amazing journey to his dear friend David and David’s Foundation.
In support of this journey and in recognition of David’s Foundation, Kevin humbly appealed to family & friends for small donations. On August 24th, Kevin presented a check to David Zaleon, director of the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp, for the amount of $ 3,500.00 !! As you may be aware, Open Hearts Camp hosts children who have undergone open heart surgeries…as David did. The meet up took place at the Smithfield Youth Memorial in Deerfield Park. This donation will sponsor (14) children to attend camp for two weeks !
We heartfully thank Kevin for his kindness and caring. Kevin, you are extraordinary and we know David is so very proud of you.