David Louis Cunha Foundation’s Annual Visit to the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp.

On July 27th, the David Louis Cunha Foundation made its third annual trip to the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp in Great Barrington, Massachusett…s, in the Berkshires. As you may remember, this camp hosts children who have undergone all types of open heart surgeries…including heart replacements. During the entire Summer, the camp welcomes kids from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine. In support of this camp and the special work they do with these wonderful children, David’s Foundation was most happy to be able to donate $ 3,500.00 to sponsor fourteen children for a two week stay. It was David’s Foundation that donated this money, but it was YOU who made it all possible.
Along with Kevin Flaherty and his expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, David’s Foundation was able to donate this year a total of $ 7,000.00 to this truly amazing place. To visit this camp and spend time with these extraordinary children, is an experience that one does not forget. The children were truly content and excited to be there…and there was no hiding their camaraderie with each other. Though these children have many other friends at home, at this camp they share a common bond among each other…a bond that most others cannot begin to understand the depth of. There were no feelings of awkwardness, no feelings of uneasiness or embarrassment…just feelings of acceptance and and friendship. You are all most welcomed to join us when we return to the camp next Summer. It will surely make a lasting impression on you.
Thank you all so very much for your continued amazing support. We cherish your kindness and caring. YOU make everything possible.