David Louis Cunha Foundation’s Christmas Giving.

"Christmas is the time of year where want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices".

Dear Friends,

In years past as the Christmas season came upon us, David’s Foundation would be preparing for its annual Christmas Giving to children in need…children who do not experience the joys and happiness of Christmas that most children do. This year we do the same, but, as we all have witnessed or experienced firsthand, the Covid crisis has brought unprecedented hardships. There are countless families just trying to make ends meet, let alone putting presents under a Christmas tree. That is why David’s Foundation’s Christmas Giving this year will not only include toys and clothes for children, but also some bare necessities needed by struggling families with children. As always, we are only able to do this because of YOU and your most generous and steadfast support over the years. Thank you all so much…and please stay tuned for more news.