A Wish Come True - Give Kids The World


Hello Friends,

On Tuesday, July 10th, 2018, David's Foundation had the pleasure of donating $ 3,000.00 to A Wish Come True to sponsor a young boy's wish. Davis, his Mom & Dad and brother will be vacationing at Disney World in Florida. They will be staying at Give Kids The World Village, the same place David, Cheryl & I stayed twenty years ago. Davis is four years old, and on November 24th, the day he leaves for Disney, he will be five ! (Coincidentally he shares a birth date with Cheryl). Davis has been battling a form of brain cancer for quite some time now....but you wouldn’t know it from spending any time with him....he is so cheerful and full of life ! He has been quite sick for the last year or so, but presently he is feeling good and his doctors have given him the okay to GO ! Davis’s Mom & Dad were most thankful to David’s Foundation and cannot wait to take their little boy to meet his favorite character, Mickey.

The David Louis Cunha Foundation is very pleased to be able to reach out to this family. And we are able to do so because of YOUR support and caring. Thank you all very much...YOU make it possible for David's Foundation to continue to accomplish its mission....always in the loving memory and honor of David.

I also wanted to give you a quick update on Domenic, the young boy David’s Foundation sponsored last year for a week’s vacation on Block Island. Domenic is doing okay....but will need to return to Boston Children’s this Summer for another open heart procedure. But due to his fighting spirit, Domenic, and his Mom & Dad feel confident that he will be ready to return to school in September. As Cheryl & I have witnessed time and time again, children are very resilient...all they wish to do is get well and get on with their lives...and live !

Thank you all again so very much...and stayed tuned for more great news soon from David’s Foundation.