Thank You Smithfield Town Council.

Dear Friends,
On Tuesday, February 4th, the David Louis Cunha Foundation received a Certificate of Commendation from the Smithfield Town Council for David’s Foundation’s charitable work in the community and beyond. David’s Foundation is the first recipient of this Smithfield Samaritans Citation.

We wish to sincerely thank The Smithfield Town Council for this honor and recognition. It is so vital for us to spread the word about David’s Foundation. One of our most important goals is to have the name of the David Louis Cunha Foundation synonymous with helping children. We also wish to heartfully thank our dear friend Joyce Bouchard for her nomination and support. And finally, we wish to thank all of you, our wonderful friends and family who have supported David’s Foundation from the very beginning. As we stated at the presentation, it is YOU, David’s Foundation’s supporters, who make everything we accomplish possible. Thank you all so much.

As we begin a new year, if you should know or learn of a family in need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you.


Since its inception in 2015, the David Louis Cunha Foundation has been privileged to provide over $ 65,800.00 in donations to Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts children in need. In 2019, we were able to proudly donate $ 22,140.00 to these children. With your generous support, we look forward to accomplishing even more in 2020.  Please stay tuned ! And THANK YOU all so very much !!

Christmas Giving.

We are most pleased to announce that this Christmas season, because of your wonderful generosity, David’s Foundation was able to donate $ 3,340.00 to the following groups & agencies who specifically help children…children who do not experience the joys and happiness of Christmas that most children do…children who are in great need of some Christmas kindness.

Build The Banner Of Love
Christmas Is For Kids
Friends Way
Saint Michael’s Parish Outreach
Smithfield Rotary Club

David Louis Cunha Foundation Grants A Little Boy’s Wish For A Pool .

On Tuesday, December 10th, David’s Foundation had the true pleasure of donating $ 4,000.00 to a young man whose only wish was to have a pool that he and his family could all enjoy together. Ethan is four year boy with a congenital heart defect that is very similar to what David was born with. Ethan was born with a single ventricle, and has gone through multiple open heart surgeries.  He and his family have faced many challenges in his four short years. Many sleepless nights for sure. But like David, Ethan has a winning personality and is full of life !! Ethan has a tough road ahead of him, but he is a fighter in every sense of the word, and a true lover of life. He reminds us so very much of our David….right down to his rosy cheeks !
Ethan will receive his brand new pool in the Spring time….thanks to your caring and kindness. YOU make all of what David’s Foundation accomplishes possible. As always, thank you so very much for your steadfast support.

David Louis Cunha Foundation & Noah Strong !

On Wednesday, November 6th, David’s Foundation had the honor of visiting Noah Antunes & his Mom, Amy at their home in Smithfield. Noah is battling Burkitt Lymphoma, a form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Making the trip with us was our dear friend and David’s Foundation’s greatest supporter Ann Sabbagh from Seacoast Mortgage Corporation.  What a wonderful young man Noah was a pleasure for all of us to meet and spend time with him. Noah is destined for great things. We would like to sincerely thank Ann Sabbagh & Maria Sangiovanni for their most appreciated support of David's Foundation. Ann & Maria made it possible for David's Foundation to support Noah Strong by making a generous donation. Keep fighting, Noah...we know you will ! We also know there is an angel in your corner.

David Louis Cunha Foundation 2nd Annual Softball Tournament – A Great Time & Success For A Worthy Cause !!

On Saturday, September 28th, David’s Foundation held its 2nd annual softball tournament. It was an opportunity for David’s friends & family to get together & have fun & enjoy each other’s company in remembrance and honor of Dave. Through the wonderful generosity of the participants, $ 1,000.00 was raised for the family of baby Mickey Mollis to help with medical expenses.   Mickey is a little boy who was born with a rare disease called severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome, which is known as SCID.  Mickey was in need of a bone marrow transplant to fight this disease. We are so very happy to say that after a very long stay at Boston Children’s Hospital, Mickey is home and doing well now.

Our most sincere and heartfelt Thanks to the following – Shamus Anderson & Jorge Demelo  & Sam Perry for making this event happen again this year. Thank you to Joyce Perry & Jill & Arthur Patrie & Joan Costa & Ann Marie Barone & Lainey Dionne for all of your most valued help. Thank you to Riley White who graciously covered the cost of our T-shirts. And thank you to all of Dave’s friends ! Dave had & has the very best friends in the world. We know your buddy is always with you guys and sending you his love. Thank you all for your kindness & caring. Please stay tuned for more info and pictures !

David Louis Cunha Foundation’s Annual Visit to the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp.

On July 27th, the David Louis Cunha Foundation made its third annual trip to the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp in Great Barrington, Massachusett…s, in the Berkshires. As you may remember, this camp hosts children who have undergone all types of open heart surgeries…including heart replacements. During the entire Summer, the camp welcomes kids from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine. In support of this camp and the special work they do with these wonderful children, David’s Foundation was most happy to be able to donate $ 3,500.00 to sponsor fourteen children for a two week stay. It was David’s Foundation that donated this money, but it was YOU who made it all possible.
Along with Kevin Flaherty and his expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, David’s Foundation was able to donate this year a total of $ 7,000.00 to this truly amazing place. To visit this camp and spend time with these extraordinary children, is an experience that one does not forget. The children were truly content and excited to be there…and there was no hiding their camaraderie with each other. Though these children have many other friends at home, at this camp they share a common bond among each other…a bond that most others cannot begin to understand the depth of. There were no feelings of awkwardness, no feelings of uneasiness or embarrassment…just feelings of acceptance and and friendship. You are all most welcomed to join us when we return to the camp next Summer. It will surely make a lasting impression on you.
Thank you all so very much for your continued amazing support. We cherish your kindness and caring. YOU make everything possible.

Kevin Flaherty Takes The David Louis Cunha Foundation Along With Him On His Expedition To The Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa !

Dear Friends, As previously posted, on July 12th, Kevin Flaherty and two of his friends began an expedition to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. On July 18th, they reach Uhuru Peak, 19,341 feet above sea level. Kevin dedicated this amazing journey to his dear friend David and David’s Foundation.
In support of this journey and in recognition of David’s Foundation, Kevin humbly appealed to family & friends for small donations. On August 24th, Kevin presented a check to David Zaleon, director of the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp, for the amount of $ 3,500.00 !! As you may be aware, Open Hearts Camp hosts children who have undergone open heart surgeries…as David did. The meet up took place at the Smithfield Youth Memorial in Deerfield Park. This donation will sponsor (14) children to attend camp for two weeks !
We heartfully thank Kevin for his kindness and caring. Kevin, you are extraordinary and we know David is so very proud of you.

David Louis Cunha Foundation 5th Annual Fundraiser – A GREAT SUCCESS !!!

On June 22, 2019, the David Louis Cunha Foundation held its 5th Annual Fundraiser.  Over 380 friends and family gathered at the Smithfield Elks Lodge to celebrate and honor the life of David with an evening of remembrance, music, food, and fun.  The event was highlighted with performances by music group RugBurn and Lainey Dionne, as well as a barbecue dinner with food throughout the night, fantastic live & silent auctions, and countless raffles.

The event was a GREAT SUCCESS !!!  David’s Foundation raised over $ 37,000.00 !!!  THANK YOU to all of our wonderful friends and family for your truly extraordinary support.  David’s Foundation’s mission is to positively impact the lives of children living with terminal and life-threatening medical conditions.  And ALL that we are able to accomplish is due to YOUR caring, kindness, and support. YOU make it all possible. Please stay tuned for more news about the fundraiser.