2017 Comes To An End

Dear Friends of the David Louis Cunha Foundation,

As 2017 has come to an end, the David Louis Cunha Foundation would like to heartfully thank all of our wonderful friends and family who have supported us. We sincerely appreciate your kindness.

The David Louis Cunha Foundation was established on January 13, 2015, upon the sudden passing of David Cunha. The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to families with children living with life-threatening medical conditions. The Foundation also awards scholarships to Smithfield High School graduating seniors who have excelled in community service and embody a generous heart, as did David.

Since its inception, the David Louis Cunha Foundation has provided over                 $ 24,000.00 in donations/grants and scholarships to deserving Rhode Island and some nearby Massachusetts children. In 2017, thanks to the generosity and steadfast support of so many friends and family such as you, David’s Foundation donated a total of $ 14,100.00 and was able to accomplish the following:

1.) May 2017 - Scholarships to Smithfield High School. Two $1,000.00 scholarships were awarded to two seniors who excelled in community service. ($2,000.00)

2.) July 2017 – Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp. A donation of $ 2,500.00 was made to Open Hearts Camp to sponsor ten children for a two week stay. This camp hosts cardiac children who have undergone open heart surgeries, many of who have received heart transplants.

3.) August 2017 – A Wish Come True / Warwick, RI. A donation of $ 5,000.00 was made to sponsor a young boy’s wish for him and his family to vacation on Block Island for one week. As David was, Domenic is a cardiac child, and both he and his sister have had to battle serious health conditions all of their lives and continue to do so.

Also, during this past Christmas season, David’s Foundation was able to donate a total of $ 2,850.00 to the following local agencies to specifically help children…children who do not experience the joys of Christmas that most do…children with no homes or who are away from their homes for good reason…children who were in great need of some Christmas kindness:

Adoption Rhode Island
Devereux-Tanner Hill Houses (Woonsocket & Pascoag)
Christmas Is For Kids
Smithfield Rotary Club
Friends Way (Warwick)

We are also most pleased to announce that the David Louis Cunha Foundation has donated an additional $ 1,750.00 to the Edward Madden Open Hearts Camp to purchase a much needed new AED (Automated External Defibrillator) along with three sets of adult & child pads, and backup batteries. An AED is used to react to and treat sudden cardiac arrest. This AED is crucial to the operation of the camp and the well being of the campers.

As always, if you should know of a family or agency that you believe David’s Foundation could assist, PLEASE let us know.  Reach out to us !

Though part of the David Louis Cunha Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to families with children living with life threatening medical conditions, we also reach out to children in general who are in need of some compassion and assistance in their daily lives and to local groups and agencies that are committed to help those children.

Thank you all again for the support you give in so many ways. You are all so very essential to the success of the David Louis Cunha Foundation. We are greatly indebted to you.


With our sincere gratitude,

Peter & Cheryl Cunha
David Louis Cunha Foundation.


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  1. Cheryl and Peter,

    You have both done an amazing job, and we know how David is shining down on his wonderful parents with great joy for bringing so much kindness and generosity to children who need it. God Bless you both.
    Debbie and Peter Michalenka

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